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So this is my first time editing music like this, and per the request of ltkatiejensen, I decided to mash-up Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) and Centuries (Fall Out Boy). I know it’s not great, but I had a lot of fun doing it! Enjoy!

Also here’s a link with instructions on how to download audio from tumblr if you want it!


Fall Out Boy - Centuries

you will remember me for centuries


Okay guys I can go home happy now, I tattooed Li’l Sebastian from Parks & Rec. THANK YOU, Emily!

the human day care i work at has uniform shirts, that are sized and made for either women or men, i got a womans styled shirt, and in no way was it actually designed for the shape that most people would associate with women styled shirts. its short and square, and just all around bad.



Until your breathing stops, forever.




"Here in town, there is only one she, who is beautiful as me."

Oh my gosh.

I was at busch gardens all day yesterday and I have the worst chub rub of my life, like my skin is bruised under the rub. I have to wear pants today and walk around and shit because it’s my first real day of work and you can’t call out on your first day,especially if you are going out of town for a week… How can I fix the chub rub fast?

A year ago Max took me to see my ultimate hero #timehop

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I have always loved Tim Gunn’s attention to detail and kind heart. But when an extremely stylish, well put together man—in a very expensive suit nonetheless—shows no hesitation in getting down on the floor to help a little animal find his ball (as his ear is being licked), makes me love him all the more.

Animals (in my experience) and how people interact with them are the true test of a pure heart. And often I’ve found animals avoid people with negative energy and are instantly drawn to those with positivity and a genuine spirit.

I am so glad the editors decided to leave this clip in. It was honestly the most telling thing I’ve ever seen Tim Gunn do.

I met him at a book signing a few years ago. Absolutely charming. I apologized and told him I was really nervous, and he threw his arms up and said “Don’t be nervous! It’s just me!” Tim’s just the best.

I'm not great at social interactions, or making first impressions.
I am : 22 years old, a Nanny, and in a wonderful relationship. Feel free to talk to me

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